Get Kitted Out for Operation Transformation

With fitness and healthy living high on everyone’s agenda this Spring, Whitewater Shopping Centre has everything you need to ensure you look the part. From sportswear, equipment and nutrition to  supplements and vitamins from the Health Store, Whitewater Shopping Centre has you covered. It’s time to kick start your fitness drive with the hottest sports brands and latest fashions, all under one roof.

Commenting on the new season sports collections, Whitewater Centre Manager Ingrid Ryan noted:  “With the evenings getting brighter and people becoming more health conscious, we have seen a bigger demand than ever for fitness-wear and heath foods this Spring. Fitness has become very fashionable and this is evident in the great variety of styles available to suit all tastes. It’s great to see so many people being motivated by inspirational shows such as Operation Transformation and becoming more aware of all the associated health benefits an active lifestyle offers.” 


  1. Shiner Women’s Micro Fleece, €26.95 at Tresspass
  2. Purple crop top, €14.99 at New Look
  3. Printed leggings, €22.99 at New Look
  4. Purple sports vest, €14.99 at New Look
  5. Adidas Originals ZX Flux runners, €85 at Life Style Sports
  6. Edwards Mens’ waterproof jacket, €55 at Tresspass
  7. Adidas mens response t-shirt, €30 at Lifestyle Sports
  8. Sport-tech running belt, €26 at Lifestyle Sports
  9. Asics Kayano runners, €21 at Lifestyle Sports
  10. Whey protein 908g €54.99 at Holland and Barrett
  11. Puma Mens arsenal leisure pants, €35 at Lifestyle Sports
  12. Sleeveless jacket, €70 at Lifestyle Sports
  13. Adidas Mountain clash print top, €65 at Lifestyle Sports
  14. Nike Signal Tee, €28 at Lifestyle Sports at Lifestyle Sports
  15. Sport tech race sock, €10 at Lifestyle Sports
  16. Crop leggings, €17.99 at New Look
  17. Nike Air Max runners, €110 at Lifestyle Sports
  18. Seven Grand Liberty T Shirt, €20 at Lifestyle Sports
  19. American Porter hoody, €50 @ Lifestyle Sports
  20. Nike Brasilia duffel bag, €28 at JD Sports
  21. Nike Air Max Command, €115 at Lifestyle Sports
  22. American Freshman pants, €35 at Lifestyle Sports
  23. Model shot: look from JD Sports
  24. Model shot: look from New Look
  25. Model shot: look from Lifestyle Sports